Pollinator garden
California Native Plant Society - Gardening | CC-BY-2.0

Save the bees

Guide to planting a pollinator-friendly garden

This guide will allow your imagination to take flight as you plan and plant a garden designed to save bees, butterflies and other pollinators

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Rooftop solar on the rise

Clean energy

Rooftop solar on the rise

Small-scale solar energy – most of which is installed on rooftops – is growing rapidly in the U.S., producing 10 times as much power in 2022 as a decade earlier.


Plastic bag bans work

Beyond plastic

Plastic bag bans work

Well-designed single-use plastic bag bans have successfully reduced plastic bag use and associated litter and pollution. Use the Single-use Plastic Bag Ban Waste Reduction Calculator to estimate the impact where you live.


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Our wild planet is calling on you this Earth Day

From buzzing bees to howling wolves, and from ancient forests to sprawling coastlines, our natural world is a gift that keeps on giving. Will you donate today to help keep it that way?